Griffin Dental Laboratories is for Dentist who want to grow their
Dental Practice by growing their relationship with their dental lab in
order to create more consistent quality dental restorations at a
reasonable cost  .

As a woman  dental lab owner and technician it  has been a great experience working with dentist from all over.  I have had ups and downs just like most all of you but what has helped is being committed to the success of this business.  I have recently put into place a system that I find very valuable to the growth of my dental lab and the business that I do with my clients.  So I wanted to share with you all exactly what I have found that works for me and I hope that it will allow you to see that what I do in the lab can help your dental practice if you so choose to send work to my dental lab.

Once the models have been APPROVED and inspected and there is no need for a call or email to the dentist the cases proceed on to the next step.

As I am giving you the run down for PFMs other steps are preformed on various restorations.

The systems we have employed are PROVEN system that even the largest of labs employee and I was privileged to learn and now share them with those dental practices that choose to work with my lab.  I hope this little explanation of what goes on in my lab will help you to understand the process a bit more.  

Thanks for visiting my site

Make it a good one. And please follow me on the journey to SUCCESS!

Vernice Griffin

Dr. Nick M Mobilia,

Very knowledgeable, quick service, exceptional work. I highly recommend GDL

Dr. Mobilia

Megan Rowlett Reeves

Dental Hygienist

Dr. H is so pleased with your lab!

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An implant abutment is a connecting element that can be cast, or milled (from alloy or zirconia)

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